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The examinations section contains information for Trainees and Supervisors on College examinations.

BPS Exam

The BPS Examination will be held in April at various venues across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and Saudi Arabia.

Chief and Principal Examiner Reports

Exam reports from the Chief and Principal Examiners.

Examination Exemptions

Admission to Fellowship is by examination, although the Board of Education and Assessment may grant exemptions from some components of the examination.

Examination Results

Exam results for various disciplines.

Examination Timetables

Exam timetables for the various disciplines.

May and June Examination Information

Part I, Part II, Faculty of Science and Diploma examination information and forms.

Past Exam Papers

Past Exam Papers for the previous 5 years for the various disciplines.

Schedule of Fees

Fees for Training, Examinations and Oversees Trained Specialist assessments are determined annually by the College.

Examination Advice

Examination Advice