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The College offers membership at a number of levels including Fellowship, Affiliateship, Associateship. In addition the College has a Faculty of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and a Faculty of Science where people are able to attain Faculty Fellowship and a special category of Honorary Fellowship for persons of eminence in relation to Pathology. In order to attain Fellowship of the College, medical practitioners must first become a trainee of the College and undergo various examinations. Training and examinations are also required to become Fellows of the Faculty of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Faculty of Science.

Information on Membership is provided below and also included in an easy to use Fact Sheet.


Specialist Pathologists who have qualifications and experience from their country of origin who have not undertaken RCPA Fellowship examinations may apply to the Board of Directors for Affiliate Membership. Affiliates are entitled to CPD, Education and social activities, able to participate in advisory committees but have no voting rights.

Affiliate Trainee Member

Designed for Trainees in areas which are educationally resource poor.  The College has a wealth of material on its website which can be made available to Trainees who seek to associate with the RCPA via this pathway.

Associate ARCPA

University graduates, who have in the opinion of the Board of Directors sufficiently distinguished themselves in a field associated with pathology. Access to website, publications, CPD, social events, courses/education, College committees, but no voting rights.

Fellow (FRCPA)

Holds a medical degree plus specialist training and/or examination/assessment by the College and admission to Fellowship by the College Council. Full voting rights and access to all College activities.

Fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Forensic Medicine (FCFM)

The College is delighted to announce the establishment of the Faculty of Clinical Forensic Medicine.

By-laws and criteria for Founding Fellowship for suitably qualified medical practitioners have been developed and approved by the College Council in November 2013 and the First Faculty Committee has been established to oversee the application process for Founding Fellowships of the Faculty, which will close on 31 December 2015.

The first round of Founding Fellowships is complete and a second round has commenced. Details and an application form are available below.

Associate Membership of the Faculty of Clinical Forensic Medicine (FCFM)

Applications for Associate Membership of the Faculty of Clinical Forensic Medicine are now being accepted for suitably qualified medical practicitioners. Associates are not Fellows of the Faculty but are eligible to receive some College services, including access to the member website and the College CPD program.

Details and an application form are available below.

Fellow of the Faculty of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology (FFOMP)

The Faculty of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology was established in 1996. It has its own set of By-Laws. Some Faculty members are dual members (i.e. also full Fellows of the College). Fellows of the Faculty have voting rights within the Faculty. All Faculty Fellows have website and publication rights. Other than those grandfathered in during the first two years of the Faculty, all members go through a full College training program in order to be eligible to become Fellows of the Faculty.

Fellow of the Faculty of Science (FFSc)

The Faculty of Science commenced in 2010 via a grandfathering process for Fellows, a process which ceased at the end of December 2011. A full College training program (currently being developed) will be required to achieve Fellowship.  Another pathway is listed below.  Faculty Fellows have a Science or medical degree and are able to demonstrate some seniority in terms of their roles, publications and activities in the realms of pathology. There are also many Fellows of RCPA who are also Fellows of the Faculty of Science.

Fellow of the Faculty of Science (FFSc) - (Research) RCPA by published works

Fellowship of the Faculty of Science (Research) RCPA by published works is a pathway now available to professionals who have outstanding research expertise in science in pathology and will make a vital contribution to the Faculty as deemed suitable via a detailed application process.

Honorary Fellowship

Conferred by the College on persons of eminence or any person who has rendered exceptional services to the science or practice of Pathology, to the profession of Pathology, or to the College. Access to website, publications, College events, but no voting rights.


In order to become a Fellow of the College a person must become a trainee of the College. Trainees will hold a medical degree and be working towards completing Fellowship requirements for the College. The have full rights to educational and social activities of the College. Training duration is normally 5 years.

See Training with the RCPA.