BPS Online Mock Exam

The BPS Online Mock Exam is a 30 best-of-five multiple choice question mock exam, to be completed in 45 minutes. The online system provides your score and general feedback after you submit your answers. Specific feedback will be provided in the BPS Webinar. You may attempt the mock exam as many times as you wish.

The range of question topics is similar to the BPS exam however we caution that you should not use your mock exam mark as an accurate indication of your exam mark. Please regard the mock exam as exposure to the types of questions you will be expected to answer in the real exam.

Mock exams from previous years are not available on the RCPA website.

When can I access the BPS Online Mock Exam?

Access to the online mock exam is included with your payment and registration for the BPS real examination. You will be sent a password to the BPS examination resources and the mock exam which will be available from Friday 18 February 2022.

Access to the BPS Online Mock Exam

Click here to take the 2022 BPS Mock Exam.

  • Enter anything into the two text boxes to start the exam.
  • Your attempts are not recorded and you can take the mock exam as many times as you like.
  • Feedback to the exam is limited to ‘correct/incorrect’ – join the BPS Webinar for full feedback.

For any further information please email Education, exams@rcpa.edu.au.

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