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Post Conference

1: NZ ASM 2017 Poster Display PDF version

2: Winners!! Igenz Logo

Congratulations to Dr Charlotte Grobler- Best Trainee Proffered Paper- In the Eye of the Beholder?
Congratulations to Dr David Wang- Best Poster - Gemistocytes in Glioblastoma
Thank you to IGENZ for their continued support.

3: Authorised Speaker Presentations.

Dr Amanda Oakley (7.5 MB)
Dr Ben Tallon (17 MB)
Dr Nicole Kramer (1.6 MB)
Dr Raj Patel 1 (7.6 MB)
Dr Raj Patel 2 (5.9 MB)
Dr Raj Patel 3 (4.3 MB)
Dr Raj Patel 4 (5.7 MB)
Dr Raj Patel 7 (4.5 MB)