Pathology Update 2022


Welcome to Pathology Update 2022 “ In Our  Hands”.

Pathology Update 2022 “In Our Hands” strikes us as being very apt. It has been up to each one of us to do our bit for ourselves, our families, our community, and our profession; to make choices and take responsibility in our hands to work our way through this pandemic. Under the guidance of the Pathology Update 2022 Overseeing Committee and with the support of the Board of Directors we present to you Pathology Update 2022. Pathology Update 2022 has been developed as a hybrid event with the full range of offerings as seen in previous years. On offer are a selection of invited speakers and delegates who will either present in person or attend virtually. All presentations will be in real time for real time engagement.

The Scientific Program Committees have produced another attractive spread of topics that will offer valuable new learning experiences.  Their contribution is instrumental in ensuring a successful event and we believe you will agree they have done us proud. For many of us Pathology Update offers a chance to reconnect and recharge. On the in-person side of the hybrid we know people will be so pleased with the opportunity to contact colleagues old and new. On the virtual side of the hybrid, delegates will still feel part of Pathology Update 2022. The Annual Admission of New Fellows and Awards will pick up again and once more we can applaud our new cohort of Fellows and admire their achievements.

We encourage you to support #YourCollege #PathUpdate2022 #InOurHands We look forward to welcoming you!

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Dr Lawrie Bott
Dr Lawrie Bott

A/Prof Trishe Leong
A/Prof Trishe Leong
Chair, Overseeing Committee

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