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A/Prof Trishe Leong - Chair 
Dr Tony Badrick 
A/Prof Bruce Bennetts 
Mrs Debbie Deston 
Dr Helen Freeborn
Dr Debra Graves 
A/Prof Chris Hemmings
Mrs Rachel Johnson
Dr Neil Lambie 
Mr Wayne Mathews 
Dr Leila Moayed Alaei
Dr Ellen Maxwell 
Dr Niles Nelson 
Ms Eve Propper 
Dr Wendy Pryor 

Anatomical Pathology
A/Prof Chris Hemmings - Chair 
Dr Brooke Beardsley 
Dr Inny Busmanis 
Dr Amanda Charlton 
A/Prof Margaret Cummings 
Dr Laveniya Satgunaseelan 
Dr Victoria Yachmenikova 

Chemical Pathology 
Dr Que Lam - Chair 
Dr Tony Badrick 
Dr Cherie Chiang 
Dr Penelope Coates 
Dr Gemma Daley 
Dr Chris Farrell 
A/Prof Chris Florkowski 
Prof Rita Horvath 
Dr Michael Page 
Dr Carol Siu 

Clinical Forensic Medicine 
Dr Angela Williams - Chair
Dr Clare Healy
Dr Catherine Lincoln
Dr Janine Rowse

Forensic Pathology  
A/Prof Neil Langlois - Chair 
Dr Brian Beer 
Dr Alanah Buck 
Dr Clive Cooke 
Dr Rebecca Irvine 
Dr Dianne Little 
Dr Sarah Parsons 
A/Prof David Ranson 
Dr Simon Stables 
Prof Noel Woodford 

Genetic Pathology 
Dr Janice Fletcher - Chair 
Prof John Christodoulou 
A/Prof Rory Clifton- Bligh 
A/Prof Marcel Dinger 
Dr Andrew Fellowes 
Dr James Harraway 
Prof Rodney Scott 
Prof Hamish Scott 
Prof David Thorburn 
Ms Vanessa Tyrell 

Dr Rebecca Adams - Chair 
Dr Alessandra Bianchi 
Dr Timothy Brighton 
Dr James D’Rozario 
Dr Sara Hall 
Dr Yasmin Harvey 
Dr Chris Hogan 
Dr Sueh-li Lim 
Dr Huong Phan 
Dr David Roxby

Dr Ben McGettigan – Chair 
A/Prof Stephen Adelstein 
Dr Elizabeth Da Silva 
Dr Sharon Choo 
Prof Antonio Ferrante 
Dr David Gillis 
Dr Daman Langguth
Dr Michael O’Sullivan 
Dr Katrina Randall
Dr Louise Wienholt 

Dr Harsha Sheorey - Chair 
Dr Jonathan Chambers 
A/Prof Sharon Chen 
Dr Juliette Elvy 
Dr Tuckweng Kok 
Prof Monica Lahra 
Dr Chris Mansell 
Dr Robert Norton 
Dr Gemma Robertson 

Abstract Publication
Pathology is the official publication of Pathology Update 2022 and includes authorised abstracts from the authors and is published by Elsevier and will be made available through the Pathology Update 2022 conference platform.

Certificate of Attendance
A Certificate of Attendance will be emailed to all delegates three days post Pathology Update 2022 and will be available to all RCPA members with a member log in via your RCPA online portal under under My RCPA.

Condition of Entry: For Pathology Update 2022 & the Admission of New Fellows and Awards Ceremony, Patrons over 12 years of age are strongly encouraged to wear a mask in indoor settings, including when seated. Masks can be removed when eating or drinking. In addition, The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia requires all Pathology Update 2022 delegates, guests & visitors to show proof of double vaccination and a booster shot is strongly recommended for those eligible.

Delivery & Authorised Speaker Presentations
Pathology Update 2022 will not be offering what is referred to as OnDemand or Catch-up. Delegates need to attend either onsite or virtually. Pathology Update 2022 is a real time conference. Post Conference Authorised Speaker Presentations (PDF only) will be made available to registered Pathology Update 2022 delegates via the PathUpdate2022 Platform by Monday 4 April 2022. Speaker presentations from Forensic Pathology and Clinical Forensic Medicine will not be available. The scientific streams of Forensic Pathology and Clinical Forensic Medicine on site and virtually are only open to Fellows, Trainees, Laboratory Scientists, Medical & Science Students. Authorised Speaker Presentations will not be finalised until post conference and we will not be able to advise what Speaker PowerPoint Presentations (PDF only) will be available.

Details provided on the Pathology Update 2022 website are for information only and are expressly excluded from all and any legal document. To the best of the knowledge and information of the RCPA and its representatives, all facts, information and figures contained in this brochure and attachments are true and accurate at the time of publication. The RCPA reserves the right to make any changes to topics, contents and presenters as it may deem necessary, without prior notice and disclaims, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all and any liability to any person, persons or organisation either directly or indirectly. Please go to

ICC Sydney COVID-19 Condition of Entry

Registration does not include insurance of any kind and unless required by law, the College will not be liable for any other losses incurred by you as a result of the cancellation or rescheduling of Pathology Update 2022 including any travel and accommodation expenses. It is strongly recommended that all delegates take out their own travel and medical insurance prior to coming to the *RCPA Educational Activity. The policy should include the loss of any accommodation costs, loss of airfares, medical expenses, loss or damage to personal property, additional expenses and repatriation should travel arrangements have to be altered. Please speak to your travel agent or airline and carefully consider their refund and cancellation policies when making, arrangements for attendance at the Pathology Update 2022.

Parking at International Convention Centre Sydney

Camera Creations is the official Photographer. Images will be available from Friday 18 March 2022 via

Photos will be available to download for 6 months. If you have any enquiries please email

Australia introduced the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 in 2001. The College complies with the legislation, which is designed to protect the right of the individual to privacy of their information. Information collected in respect of proposed participation in any aspect of Pathology Update will only be used for the purposes of planning and conducting the conference. To have the full Pathology Update 2022 experience your email address will be provided to the platform provider for the explicit use of accessing Pathology Update 2022 content. The Pathology Update 2022 content on the platform will be available until Pathology Update 2023. It is also usual to produce a Delegate List of attendees at Pathology Update. Individuals are also entitled to access their information by written application to the College. Your name and contact details will only be used as follows:

  • for notification of event related news and notices regarding future Pathology Updates. 
  • publication (name, affiliation, and country) on the conference app; and 
  • subject to strict conditions of use by event related sponsors or exhibitors. 
  • Should you not wish your details to be used for this purpose please indicate this on the registration form. 

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