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IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE and read the below carefully  
Pathology Update 2020 Roche Scientific Poster Display submitted abstracts for Pathology Update 2021 E-POSTER DISPLAY: 
  • Pathology Update 2021 will only be accepting e-posters, no print posters - please see the E-POSTER REQUIREMENTS below.
  • If you had an Abstract published in the Pathology Update 2020 Abstract Supplement you have the option to present your poster as an e-poster at Pathology Update 2021.
  • You must email by 5.00pm Friday 30 April 2021 and confirm you wish to present your 2020 poster as an e-poster in 2021. You will not automatically be included.
  • You must be registered and attend Pathology Update 2021 with full registration received by Friday 30 April 2021.
  • You do not need to re-submit your Pathology Update 2020 abstract. We will make it available via the Pathology Update 2021 Platform.
  • Minor changes to e-posters are acceptable but the abstract must remain identical to that published in 2020.
  • If you are an RCPA Trainee who was meant to present your Roche Scientific Poster at Pathology Update 2020, and would now like to present the same poster as an E-Poster at Pathology Update 2021, this may be counted towards your PPD/Portfolio requirements as long as the poster is used only once.

Pathology Update 2021 Roche Scientific E-Poster Display

The Pathology Update 2021 Overseeing Committee invites all delegates to contribute to the scientific program by submitting abstracts for the Roche Scientific E-Poster Display together with their full registration of the presenting author. One full paid registration is required to accompany each abstract.

If you have been selected for the DS Nelson, BEA or QAP Trainee Prizes you cannot enter the same abstract in the Roche Scientific Poster Display.


  • Roche will award $500 AUD for the best e-poster from each major pathology scientific discipline (Anatomical Pathology, Chemical Pathology, Forensic Pathology, Genetic Pathology, Haematology, Immunopathology, Microbiology).
  • 150 abstracts in total will be accepted covering all the pathology disciplines.
  • Please note that the poster (this includes peer reviewed e-poster) or oral presentations are a portfolio requirement for Anatomical, Chemical and Microbiology Trainees and recommended for all other disciplines (Haematology, Immunopathology, Forensic and Genetic Pathology).
  • A maximum of 4 abstracts per delegate will be accepted. Multiple abstracts should be submitted in a single email.
  • Submission deadline is final. Only submissions accepted before the deadline are able to be displayed at Pathology Update and published in the official Pathology Update abstract supplement in the RCPA Journal Pathology.
  • Abstracts for the Roche Scientific E-Poster Display will be considered by a subcommittee of the RCPA Board of Education and Assessment and all presenting authors will be notified when their abstract is accepted.
  • Abstract/s must be accompanied by full registration of the submitting/presenting author. Author registration must be received by the early bird cut-off date of Thursday 10 June 2021.
    One full paid registration is required to accompany each abstract. Abstracts without a paid registration will be withdrawn
    . A co-author can register on behalf of the submitting author.
  • Judging will be conducted from 10.00am – 4.00pm on Friday 2 July 2021.


  • If you are submitting an abstract/s from an commercial industry organisation you are not eligible for the cash award prize.
  • You need to include a Conflict of Interest statement clearly outlining each author’s affiliation with the organisation in writing on your abstract and e-poster.
  1. Abstracts must be submitted via email and attached in a Word document and not sent in the body of the email. Multiple abstracts should be submitted in a single email.
  2. Abstracts must not exceed 200 words (excluding title, authors and institution, references and statement of originality).
  3. Abstracts must be typed in English, using a 12 point single font with single line spacing, in Microsoft Word format.
  4. Your abstract heading must include: 'Roche Scientific Poster Display', your name (first name in full, followed by surname in full), and the Pathology discipline your abstract belongs to (Anatomical Pathology, Chemical Pathology, Forensic Pathology, Genetic Pathology, Haematology, Immunopathology or Microbiology). Abstracts must include a discipline. Authors must only nominate one discipline.
  5. The title should be brief and explicit.
  6. Underline the submitting/presenting author only. Do not include titles or degrees.
  7. Underline the submitting/presenting author, use superscript numerals for author affiliations, and italicise the list of affiliations, e.g.
    Harold Cook1, Paul Stephens1, Kate J. Davies1, Garry Harding2, Don W. Thomas1
    1Department of Oral Surgery, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia; 2Wound Healing Research Unit, Department of Surgery, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK
  8. Specify the name and location of institution where the work was done.
  9. Abstract may contain the aims of study, methods, results and discussion. If providing a structured abstract please put the headings in bold followed by a colon, e.g. Background: This study was conducted because…., Methods: The method used for this study........
  10. Abstracts in Case report format will be accepted.
  11. Maximum of three references.
  12. Figures, images and tables will not be published.
  13. Abbreviations should be only used for common terms. For uncommon terms, the abbreviation should be given in brackets after the first full use of the word.
  14. At the end of the abstract please include a statement specifying which part of the work was your own original idea and contribution (not included in word count).
  15. No headers or footers.
  16. Name your Word file in the following format: SURNAME_ROCHE_ddmmyy
  17. Abstract/s must be accompanied by a full registration of the submitting/presenting author. Registrations must be completed by the early bird cut-off date of Thursday 10 June 2021.
    Note: One full paid registration is required to accompany each abstract. Abstracts without a paid registration will be withdrawn
  18. Once your abstract has been submitted, this is final. No additions or changes will be accepted.
  19. See sample abstract below.
  1. Abstract and E-Poster to by Thursday 10 June 2021

An E-Poster of your abstract will be available for viewing via the ICC Sydney Platform and made available to all delegates. E-Posters are compulsory for all authors.

Image Requirements:

  • E-Posters to be submitted as a PDF file only - 1 page only
  • 1 page only
  • Maximum file size shall not exceed 5mb
  • Minimum recommended resolution of each image should be 1125 x 2000 pixels and maximum of 2250 x 4000 pixels
  • DPI: 300ppi
  • Format: 9:16
  • Images/photos, graphs and tables can be included in the poster
  • E-Poster and Abstract to by Thursday 10 June 2021

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