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The College is delighted to advise that quite a number of workplace events have been reported with text and photos. Dedicated staff have gone to a lot of trouble and made huge strides in educating people about pathology and pathologists. In addition to the Australasian reports, we have received International reports which truly add to the flavour of the whole event. Enjoy looking through the many items below, perhaps some good ideas for next year.


The winners of the workplace event competition for 2014 are Otago University and Pathology North, Tamworth. Congratulations on your successful, interactive and educational initiatives. A special mention goes out to the University of Newcastle.

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I am happy to report that Canterbury Health Laboratories , in Christchurch New Zealand participated in International Pathology Day celebrations for the first time this year! It held the following activities which were organised by myself (Anatomical Pathology Registrar), Joy Aitken (Anatomical Pathology Office manager) Kristin Wilson, Comms Officer and Vanessa Buchan Quality Manager at CHL laboratories.

Posters and displays were put around the labs/hospital. A shared morning tea was held to bring together CHL staff across the pathology disciplines. An interactive stand was put up in the foyer and this was manned in hourly slots by both a scientist, and an AP registrar who had a microscope that the public could view and explore histology and cytology specimens.  A Pathology Quiz was organised with entry into a prize draw at the stand. The prize was a mixture of CHL goodies (calendar, lanyard, book, pad, pens, highlighters, bag,) a box of chocolates, and some RCPA goodies, along with a certificate. Participants were also offered the opportunity to experience a tour around the laboratories. Communication of the day was provided in Canterbury District Health Board CEOs update  and the daily update  as well in the social media (CHL Facebook and Twitter).

The stand was a great success, and we had a number of visitors, some who entered our quiz, some who looked at various slides down the microscope, and we even had some interest in the internship programme. Of those who entered the quiz, a mix of staff, students and visitors showed interest in a tour of Canterbury Health Laboratories, which we will be arranging shortly. We are excited about the prospect of organising more events to make next year’s celebrations even better!

The Hong Kong College Pathologists organised the “International Pathology Day” Exhibition – The Science Behind Medicine from 5 November 2014 to 11 November 2014 at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences. The building of the museum used to be a pathology institute, and it has served Hong Kong for more than a century and has played an active role in the research of plague.

The Opening Ceremony of the exhibition on 5 November 2014 was well attended by practicing and retired pathologists, President of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, Presidents of sister Colleges, event sponsors, volunteer exhibition tour guides, high school students and general public. Our College President and officiating guest Under Secretary for Food and Health of the Hong Kong Government welcomed and addressed the guests, and guided tours began immediately afterwards. Visitors curiously looked through microscopes, displaying before them various normal and diseased tissues, blood cells, and microorganisms. Students handled the multichannel pipettes, agar plates and electrophoresis gel with interest. Some chemistry teachers and students were attracted by a simulated liquid chromatography and mass spectroscopy program, and CSI fans were captured by the forensic pathology slide show. The event has been covered by various local media.

Photos from the Hong Kong College of Pathologists

Summaries of International Pathology Day from various Colleges and Societies.

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3 winners, from left to right, from Europe, Eurasia and the Americas.

The College of Pathologists of Malaysia organised the 2014 Malaysia Clinical Cytometry Symposium on 5th November 2014 to celebrate the First International Pathology Day. The day started off with a welcome address from the President, Emeritus Professor Soon-Keng Cheong, who shared with the audience that clinical flow cytometry was first introduced to Malaysia about 30 years ago. The first air-cooled, small foot-print, FACSCan flow cytometer is now a museum piece in his room in UKM Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The Symposium was attended by about 60 members of the College who came from different states of Malaysia. Later, a group photograph was taken and a cake-cutting ceremony was performed to commemorate the occasion."

Photos from the College of Pathologists of Malaysia

The Mobile Pathology team enjoyed promoting International Pathology Day with local businesses in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia.

We had a wonderful day of activities on International Pathology Day at Tamworth. Activities were also organised across our regional laboratories in Glen Innes, Armidale, Inverell and all our collecting centres as well.

At Tamworth, we had an open day for the public, students and medical staff. There was an overwhelming participation from all. We had about 80 enthusiastic visitors, whom we kept interested by guided lab tours, quizzes, videos on pathology (homemade and RCPA ones), brief talks from different departments, meet the pathologist sessions  and even a sausage sizzle!  The freebies sent from the college were very much appreciated and were a great attraction too, thank you RCPA, for the generous supply. We even had the NBN network drop by, we made it to the news that evening and also had the local paper and town councillors drop by.|

I think this is a very good idea for us to have a day to celebrate pathology and increase the awareness of pathology, as it is one of the most misunderstood disciplines of medicine. I have to say the day was a success because of some hard work done by some of  the staff, including the registrars.  We felt the appreciation from all our visitors, and that helped bring out the smiles in our staff – that was  what the day did the most for us – increase the self-esteem and to be proud of what we do!


Sparking interest in the Science behind Medicine

Around 100 intermediate and high school students recently took part in interactive lectures and laboratory tours at the Univeristy of Otago, Wellington (UOW) as part of the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine’s International Pathology Day celebrations. Head of Department Dr Diane Kenwright says the aim of the educational sessions – held on 5 November - was to teach students more about pathology and encourage them to consider it as a career. “It was all about sparking their interest, and getting them excited about medical science and the human body.” With the theme of this year’s Pathology Day being “what is cancer and how do we identify it?”, the outreach was also an opportunity to raise health awareness and reinforce cancer-prevention messages, she says. Visiting from Scots College, Wellington High School and South Wellington Intermediate, the students enjoyed a whirlwind tour of cancer biology and the role pathologists have in fighting the disease.

They were introduced to pathology specialties including anatomic pathology, haematology, chemical pathology, microbiology, immunology and genetics. They were also given a tour of the Wellington Hospital Laboratory Biochemistry, Haematology, and Microbiology departments, to increase their awareness of the science behind medicine. In a hands-on tutorial they looked at human organs (encased in a plastic sarcophagus) from UOW’s Pathology Museum, seeing real human brains, livers, lungs, breasts, and looking at blood cells and cancer down microscopes. “It was terrific to see the engagement and increased understanding of what cancer is, why it occurs, and how we identify it,” Diane says.

Feedback from the students and teachers was that the day was a great success, she says. “There was also much excitement at receiving gifts at the end including hand gel, ‘syringe’ pens, wristbands, balloons, and post-it notes. The gifts were sponsored by the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia as part of International Pathology Day celebrations. “The success of the day was due to the enthusiasm of the Department of Pathology staff, especially Vinko Besic who organised the schools liaison and the interactive laboratory tutors Catherine Lawson, Sara Filoche, Huib Buyck, Rachel Barber and Jane Anderson".


We had a very successful pathology day in Wellington and are on page 3 of the print edition of the Dominion post and on the front page of the e-edition.


Thank you for the merchandise and inviting us to be involved in the Pathology Today entry,

We would like to thank all our customers and sponsors, it means so much to us to have your support and involvement and helping us celebrate our first National Pathology Week and International Pathology Day 2014 by participating in our competition and taking our survey. Winners and participants were rewarded with prizes, show bags and vouchers and discounted services.

Pathology Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company offering a range of tailored personal and corporate services to individuals, businesses and medical professionals. We believe pathology is a dynamic and essential component of medical diagnostics and research & development.
Our aim is to provide a professional, confidential and convenient service which offers flexibility to individuals and employers by providing a mobile pathology specimen collection and education and training service. We believe fulfilling pathology referral requests from doctors and specialists in a timely manner equates to accurate results faster and allows health practitioners to investigate treatment options sooner.
We strive for quality and excellence in our service delivery as we believe pathology services should be easy to access and responsive to the needs of consumers.

The Pathology Queensland Laboratory at the Princess Alexandra Hospital received a pack of promotional materials from the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA), including items such as hand gel, “syringe” pens, wristbands, balloons, post-it notes, posters. These were distributed to the Specimen Collection departments at the Princess Alexandra, Ipswich, Redland and QEII Jubilee Hospitals in Queensland and handed out to patients to promote the International Pathology Day on Wednesday 5 November 2014.


The Hon. Anna Bligh joined the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) to help celebrate the inaugural International Pathology Day . Discussing her personal experience with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and sharing her views on the importance of pathology this morning, The Hon. Anna Bligh said: “I am standing here celebrating this with you because of pathology. I am standing here because of the work that you [pathologists], and others like you do, around the world. The work you do and the research that you engage in.”

Debra Graves, CEO of the RCPA said: “Every person relies on the work of a pathologist at some point in their life, however, more often than not, patients don’t know how closely involved a pathologist is in their healthcare and in the diagnosis of their condition. If you have ever had a biopsy, a swab or a blood test, you’ve seen a pathologist.”

Today, the RCPA and the International Liaison of Pathology Presidents (ILPP), celebrated ‘International Pathology Day’ alongside a wide range of countries including New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, and South Africa.


International Pathology Day is an awareness day which is dedicated to highlighting pathology’s central role in the healthcare system.


The RCPA announced two new position statements: ‘Mapping the Frontier: Pathology is Central to Medical Practice in the Genomic Era’ and ‘Inappropriate Pathology Requesting’.  


For more information view media releases.

RCPA Staff celebrating in red!

Organised as part of the International Pathology Day celebrations on 5th November 2014, the Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) held a global health symposium, which brought together pathologists, scientists and international development professionals from around the world to explore the contribution and role played by pathology and laboratory medicine services in addressing global health challenges and improving health outcomes. 

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The laboratory staff at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia spent the day, handing out goodie bags & by giving tours of our laboratory. Over 100 promotional packs were handed out to patients and public this morning – in fact we could have given more but we ran out by lunchtime!

The aim of Pathology Day for us was to raise awareness of the diagnostic work our medical scientists and pathologists do, which so often happens in the background –out of sight of patients. Today we have shown a number of patients what happens to their skin biopsies when they are sent away to ‘the lab’. Many were surprised by the amount of work involved in making microscope slides; the skill required both in the preparation of these samples in the laboratory, and the knowledge required by our pathologists to make a diagnosis. In addition we have shown a number of staff members from other departments around the dermatopathology laboratory, including nurses, registrars & receptionists, which can only help us by sharing an understanding of how the Foundation works as a whole.

The promotional packs were supplied by the Royal College of Pathology Australasia and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for them, other goodies were donated  by many pathology consumables companies in support of the Foundation. My thanks in particular goes to our two trainee Technical Officers, Jade Boland and Denise Zuze (pictured above right) , who prepared a number of posters which were displayed in the laboratory to help explain the processes involved.

Best regards & Happy International Pathology Day!

International Pathology Day Events at the University of Newcastle October 30th and November 5th

Two 5th year medical students (Nicola Wood and Vivek Menon) collaborated with the Professor of Anatomical Pathology at the University of Newcastle, Marjorie Walker to organize 2 separate events – exams being held for the first and second years on the actual day!

The first event was an information stand and merchandise ‘goody-bag’ giveaway aimed at junior medical students as well as any interested passers-by.  We attracted attention to our stand with an assortment of eye-catching baked goods and treats that were modeled after themes from the various Pathology disciplines. Those who stopped by found out more about the themes associated with the treats, and were able to ask any questions they had about the practice of Pathology, or its importance in their lives. They were presented with a ‘goody-bag’ and free baked goods to enjoy.  The turnout for the event was great and there was a lot of interest and great interactions with medical students as well as students and staff from a variety of programs and degrees.

Our second event was aimed at senior medical students. We invited registrars and consultants from a variety of subspecialties in Pathology to give short talks on their job and training program pathways. This was to provide some insight to medical students who may not have had the opportunity to experience rotations in certain subspecialties, and to inspire them to further pursue these. Once again, with help from Professor Walker, we were able to invite the Director of Microbiology at the Hunter Area Pathology Service, Professor Stephen Graves, Senior Chemical Pathologist Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Kellerman, and Forensic Pathology Registrar Rexson Tse to give short talks.  Prof Graves gave a good overview of normal organisms found in a variety of different samples regularly accepted and cultured in the lab, and a brief mention of the direction microbiology was headed in the future (aided with a demonstration of these from cupcakes as pictured). Professor Kellerman gave a great retrospective review of his life in Pathology and the explosion of knowledge in the different fields during his career. Dr Rexson Tse walked us through the daily duties of a Forensic Pathologist, and really put into perspective the different types of medical skills required (medical, surgical, radiological interpretation, counselling). Although turnout was below our expectations (due to the freak storm and hail that made transportation that evening very difficult), we received great feedback from the students who attended.

All-in-all, two successful events were run and enjoyed by everybody who attended!  We would thank the RCPA for the generous provision of resources much appreciated as giveaways. My thanks to Nicola and Vivek for their energy and effort to make these events a success and particularly for the delightful pathology cupcakes!

Marjorie Walker, Professor of Anatomical Pathology

We had fun at The University of Melbourne on Pathology Day and I've compiled a booklet of photos that we wanted to share with you. Dr Clare Hampson.

Pathology Day Challenge Quiz Winners

The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia teamed up with the Pathology Department of UNSW to hold the Pathology Day Challenge for Trainees and Medical Students. Entrants were required to correctly answer an online multiple choice quiz and to win a $50 shopping voucher. There was a fantastic response to the International Pathology Day quiz, particularly from students at many medical schools.

Two Trainees and five students correctly answered all questions and have each won a $50 shopping voucher.

Congratulations to:

  • Dr Andrew Colebatch, Anatomical Pathology Trainee, Victoria
  • Dr Cheng Liu, Anatomical Pathology Trainee, Queensland
  • Natalie Chilko, student at Deakin University
  • Mitchell Hunter-Dickson, student at the Australian National University
  • Michael Liu, student at the University of New South Wales
  • Reece Mearns, student at Deakin University
  • Kavie Soosapilla, student at Monash University 

Here is some of the feedback offered by the winning students:

“I enjoyed participating in the quiz. It was good revision for my studies as well”.
"Pathology is somewhat neglected in the undergraduate course, so this was a good way of getting us involved".
"The quiz was great, and was very useful as a refresher".

Thank you to Dr Simone Van Es and A/Prof Gary Velan of the University of NSW for organising the competition.

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