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Welcome to the Fellows section of the College website designed to provide the information you may require in an easily accessible form. To maximise the benefit of the website it is recommended that you log on as a member. We hope you find the resources available useful.

The President of the College can be contacted via and CEO is Dr Debra Graves who can be contacted on +61283565858 or via

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Continuing Professional Development

RCPA requires Fellows and Affiliates of the College in active practice to participate in the RCPA Continuing Professional Development Program (CPDP) or an equivalent formally structured program.


This section contains education resources including modules, mock exams, videos, lectures, website links and journal references.


The Library holds a large range of print, audio and video resources which it is hoped will be of use.

NPAAC Supervision Certification Modules

This section contains the certification modules for the NPAAC Revised Supervision Requirements.

RCPA Foundation

RCPA Foundation aims to promote research and education into Pathology. Pathology gives life’s most important answers.

What Is Pathology?

There are nine different disciplines of Pathology - Anatomical, Chemical, Clinical, Forensic, General, Genetic, Haematology, Immunopathology and Microbiology.