Support Projects 2021 - 2025

Project Description of activities
Rural Visiting Lecturer Series 2022 The RCPA is pleased to be delivering Pathology focused education sessions in a number of Australian rural/regional locations where rural clinical schools are located. The pathology education sessions will focus on areas of interest relevant to the medical community, in particular, the education needs of local General Practitioners (GP’s) and medical students.
Management in Pathology Workshops for training in expanded settings 2022 This course is tailored to provide insights into various aspects of managing a pathology laboratory. Exposure to “non-technical” aspects of pathology for STP trainees to assist compliance with AMC readiness to practice requirements.
Host Molecular pathology laboratory attachments for STP Trainees 2022 Provide opportunities via laboratory based molecular workshops, laboratory molecular attachments, and a 3 day introductory molecular pathology course for trainees to expand their knowledge of molecular pathology, next generation sequencing approaches, assay design and validation and bioinformatics.
Genetic and molecular positions 2022-2025 Provide 7 FTE training positions in Genetic pathology and molecular pathology for 4 years to enhance current training capacity and assist with meeting future demand for genetic/molecular pathology services. This provides for the expansion of genetic/ molecular training in private and public/private settings to assist the pathology workforce address current workforce shortages, contribute to improving medical workforce distribution in this expanding area of medicine, and assist laboratories with succession planning for the future.
Wellbeing training 2022-2025 Provide interactive training to upskill senior registrars and pathologists who supervise STP trainees to meet the growing demand for addressing health and wellbeing of trainees particularly in rural and regional locations.

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