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Further Resources

The National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP) Renewal requires a new approach to gynaecological cytology testing.

This section provides information about training and continuing education resources to assist cytologists in the transition to the new NCSP  

Further Cytology Training and Educational Resources

The Australian Society of Cytology

The Australian Society of Cytology (ASC) is the sole national body whose activities are primarily directed at enhancing diagnostic cytology. The primary objectives of the ASC are to foster an interest in the training, status and conditions of employment of cytologists within the Commonwealth of Australia, to achieve uniformity in the interpretation and reporting of cytological findings, and to advance knowledge and standards. Further information is available on the ASC website.

The annual ASC Tutorial presents a practical approach to cytodiagnosis in gynaecological LBC.  It is targeted at an advanced cohort and is recommended by the ASC for registrars, pathologists and experienced cytology scientists. The 2016 Tutorial will be held in Melbourne from 24-27 October 2016. For further information go to ASC Tutorial.

Tertiary Education in Cytopathology

The following universities currently include a diagnostic cytopathology component in their undergraduate laboratory medicine programs. For further information visit:

Suppliers of Liquid Based Cytology Technology

The suppliers of liquid based cytology technology in Australia provide ongoing support and training to laboratories which use their systems. In addition both BD Life Sciences and Hologic (Australia) Pty Ltd support continuing education for cytologists with web-based resources.

BD Life Sciences, suppliers of the SurePath™ Pap Test, provide an online training website which has a number of different programs available, including image libraries and case of the month challenges. Access is free – click here to register.

Hologic (Australia) Pty Ltd, suppliers of the ThinPrep® Pap Test, provide ongoing continuing education in cytology through their CytologyStuff website, including a gynaecological cytology study atlas. Hologic (Australia) Pty Ltd also provide a comprehensive on-line gynaecological cytology training course - for access email