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IQA Frameworks by discipline can be found on the Frameworks tab.

The aim of the IQA Framework is to provide pathologists with a mechanism to monitor internal performance. The College has committed to providing Fellows with a Framework that contains consistent and transparent activities for each discipline that align with best practice and will continue to highlight the importance of internal quality assurance within pathology practice.

The Frameworks are intended as a guide rather than being prescriptive. There is a requirement for a minimum of 10 hours per annum of peer review activities as set out under Section 1 of the IQA Framework for Anatomical Pathology.

Information regarding development of the IQA Framework can be found under Project Development.

From January 2016, Anatomical Pathologists and from January 2017 all other pathology disciplines are required to do a minimum of 20 hours of activity under Category C - Quality activities outlined in the RCPA CPDP Manual. This includes a mandatory minimum 10 hours per annum of peer review. Peer review activities are classified under Category C of the RCPA CPDP Manual. The time-minimum provides guidance as to a reasonable minimum level of participation. It is very likely that Fellows will exceed this.

For the majority of pathologists this will involve documentation of the peer review activities in which they are already involved. The IQA Frameworks provide useful guides to suitable peer review activities. Data collected for RCPA CPDP purposes does not require the recording of patient identification. Refer also to Recording of Activities in the RCPA CPDP Manual.

The IQA Framework is an initiative of the RCPA with Commonwealth funding from the Department of Health Quality Use of Pathology Program.

The aim of the IQA Framework is to provide pathologists with a mechanism to monitor internal performance. IQA Frameworks will be developed for each pathology discipline and practicing pathologists will be required to undertake and document a prescribed number of hours of related IQA activities annually.

Pathologists with considerable expertise in Anatomical Pathology, Haematology and Forensic Pathology have contributed to the content of the IQA Frameworks developed to date. The remaining disciplines will attract similar levels of expertise in the development phase. A Steering Committee of Fellows of the RCPA has overseen the project (see below). The Chair continues to be involved with the implementation of the Anatomical Pathology IQA Framework.


Project Steering Committee




Associate Professor Adrienne Morey (Chair) St Vincent’s Pathology NSW Anatomical Pathologist
Professor Jane Dahlstrom ACT Pathology Anatomical Pathologist
Dr Stephen Fairy Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology NSW Anatomical Pathologist
Associate Professor Margaret Cummings Pathology Queensland Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital QLD Cytopathologist
Dr James Daly QML Pathology QLD Haematologist
Associate Professor Neil Langlois Forensics SA Forensic Pathologist
Dr Jeanne Tomlinson RCPAQAP Anatomical Pathologist


RCPA IQA Project Team

Dr Bronwen Ross

Ms Vanessa White

Ms Lynda Saunders

Ms Marion Higginson

The College gratefully acknowledges the contributions of all those who gave their time in developing, reviewing, and implementing the IQA Framework.

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