Section 1: Personnel

This section deals with the required training, qualifications, education, competencies and workload for supervisory personnel, pathologists and scientific staff.

S1.1 HPV NAT must be supervised either by a Pathologist or Senior Scientist with training and experience in NAT.

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S1.2 A Pathologist involved in gynaecological cytology must be competent in cytology and histology of gynaecological specimens to facilitate histological and cytological correlation.

S1.3 Cytology staff employed for examining LBC must be supervised by at least one (1) Pathologist or Senior Scientist trained and competent in cytology.

S1.4 Cytology staff employed for examining LBC must hold a CTASC which includes a gynaecological cytology component.

Cytology staff employed for examining LBC must hold a CTASC ( Certificate of Cytotechnology of the Australian Society of Cytology ) which includes a gynaecological component. This professional qualification is higher than that previously required of cytologists screening cervical cytology within the NCSP and reflects the enhanced role of LBC from a screening to a diagnostic test in the renewed NCSP.

S1.5 To maintain competence, the Pathologist(s) and Cytologist(s) must examine, as a minimum, 60 abnormal LBC specimens per quarter.

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S1.6 The maximum workload for any person involved in primary examination of LBC is 70 slides per day. Where an individual undertakes duties in addition to primary examination, or is employed part time, the maximum rate should not exceed 10 slides per hour.

S1.7 The maximum workload for any person reporting using semi-automated imaging techniques must not exceed 150 slides per day.

S1.8 A Pathologist who is competent in LBC must be available to consult with on site and to advise scientific staff and consult with clinicians.

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S1.9 Pathologists, Scientists or any staff performing HPV NAT must retain documentation confirming they have undertaken training specific to the HPV NAT performed in the laboratory.

S1.10 Pathologists or Cytologists examining LBC must retain documentation confirming they have undertaken continuing education specific to the use of liquid based collection systems and semi-automated devices being employed within the laboratory for the preparation and examination of gynaecological slides and participate in an external quality assurance program.

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