Section 6: Post-analytical

This section outlines the requirements for report format and content, including management recommendations and confirmation of abnormal results, for notification of results to the NCSR and for turnaround times.

S6.1 Where reflex cytology is performed, the HPV NAT and LBC results must be issued as a combined report.

S6.2 The content of the report must include an overall cervical screening risk classification, specimen type, test results and management recommendation.

S6.3 The report format and management recommendation must be in accordance with the NCSP 2016 Guidelines and must take into account the previous screening history from the NCSR.

S6.4 The laboratory must have a documented procedure for the notification to National Cancer Screening Register.

S6.5 Laboratories must report 90% of all cervical screening specimens within 10 working days of receipt.

S6.6 All LBC reports indicating a cellular abnormality must be confirmed by a Pathologist.

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