The Standards for Pathology Informatics in Australia (SPIA) and associated information models and terminology reference sets were officially endorsed by the RCPA Board of Directors as policy in January 2017, following internal and public review and endorsement from all of the main stakeholders. Please see the table below for the most recent version for each document. For previous versions, click here.

The main standards document is now known as 'Standards for Pathology Informatics in Australia (SPIA)', as the document now covers much wider standards for pathology informatics. It supersedes and incorporates the Australian Pathology Units and Terminology Standards and Guidelines (APUTS).

The RCPA pathology terminology and information model resources are available in a convenient zip file, to access the RCPA resources go to the 'ACCESS’ page on the NCTS website, and click on 'RCPA' on the left hand side menu. The zip file contains the most recent version of the pathology information models and terminology reference sets listed below, along with a release note and terms of use.

Note: To access or download the RCPA pathology terminology and information model resources you will need to register as an individual or organisation on the on the NCTS website and accept the Registration Terms of Use, the SNOMED CT Affiliate and Australian National Terminology Licence Agreements and optionally other licences.

**New** The PITUS 15-16 Project collaborated with HL7 Australia to developed the Australian Pathology Messaging - Localisation of HL7 v2.4, Release 1 was a localisation of the HL7 International messaging standards, which will provide the required information for implementers of electronic pathology messaging in one document.

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Name Combined Terminology Other
Standards and Guidelines
Preferred units v1.0
(16.4 kB) Jan 2017
Anatomical Pathology
Chemical Pathology
SPIA Chemical Pathology v3.0
(1.8 MB) Jan 2017
SPIA Haematology v3.0
(973 kB) Jan 2017
Requesting Pathology
SPIA Immunopathology v3.0
(1.2 MB) Jan 2017
SPIA Cytopathology  v3.0
(822 kB) Jan 2017
Genetic Pathology
SPIA Genetic Pathology  v3.0
(523 kB) Jan 2017
SPIA Microbiology v3.0
(6.1 MB) Jan 2017

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