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PUTS Project

A national project for the Standardisation of Pathology Units and Terminology (PUTS) was initiated by the RCPA in July 2011 with support from DoHA. Around 80 pathologists, scientists, informaticians, and other clinicians worked in 8 working groups to establish guidelines for the use of terminology and standardised units covering each of the pathology disciplines.

Constrained sets of the most common terms and their corresponding codes and units have been developed for requesting and reporting pathology using consensus-based standards development and good clinical governance. The Project Steering Group decided on the adoption of: SNOMED CT for requesting; LOINC for the reporting question (HL7v2 OBX-3); and UCUM for the representation of units.

The Australian Pathology Units and Terminology Standard (APUTS) describe the rules and provide guidelines for adoption. The Standard, information models, terminology and recommended units have been endorsed by the College at its meeting of February 25, 2013 as policy following internal and public review and endorsement from all of the main stakeholders.



Key Deliverables

Newsletters and Publications


The Australian Pathology Units and Terminology Standardisation Project – An Overview
Michael Legg, Christiaan Swanepoel
Clin Biochem Rev. 2012 August; 33(3): 103–108.


PUTS Project Update newsletters:


Status: Completed (February 2013)