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Details of Pathology Test

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Laboratory Victorian Clinical Genetics Services : Reproductive Genetic Testing, Genetics & Genomics, and Biochemical Genetic Laboratories - VIC
Test Name Chromosome analysis (recurrent miscarriage, infertility, family history)
Genes Tested Please refer to the test description
Test Description Conventional chromosome analysis is used for the investigation of inviduals or couples experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss or infertility, or for known famial chromosome rearrangements.
Method Chomosomes
Test Type Cytogenetic
Comment This test is recommended for infertility investigations including recurrrent miscarriage and neonates with possible Down syndrome (Trisomy 21)., See molecular karyotyping (microarray analysis) for developmental delay/ autism/ congenital malformation referrals., A conventional chromosome analysis cannot be performed at the same time as a microarray analysis due to Medicare constraints. Contact Lab for details.
Test Accreditation Included In NATA Scope
Clinical Context Heritable variants, Prenatal test
Sample Required Lithium heparin blood (no gel): Adults/Children: 5 ml| Infants: 1-2 ml| Neonates: 0.5-1 ml
Turn Around Time Routine analysis: 2-3 weeks| Urgent: 5-7 days
Medicare Rebate MBS rebate may be available
Pathology Test Last Edit Date 3/07/2017 11:51:10 AM