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Laboratory Victorian Clinical Genetics Services : Reproductive Genetic Testing, Genetics & Genomics, and Biochemical Genetic Laboratories - VIC
Test Name Microdeletion/microduplication FISH
Genes Tested Please refer to the test description
Test Description The investigation of microdeletion and microduplication syndromes is now performed by microarray analysis. Microarray provides a superior investigation than FISH testing as it detec a wider range of genetic changes that may cause each syndrome. If an urgent investigation is required, FISH can be performed in 24-48 hours (see Notes)
Method FISH
Test Type Cytogenetic
Comment A microarray test is performed for all suspected microdeletion/ microduplication syndromes. The referring doctor MUST contact the Lab if an urgent FISH test is required.
Test Accreditation Included In NATA Scope
Clinical Context Heritable variants, Prenatal test
Sample Required For Microarray: EDTA blood: Adults/Children: 5 ml, Infants 0.5 - 1 ml, Saliva (please contact laboratory for saliva kits, For FISH testing: 1-5 ml Heparinised blood
Turn Around Time If FISH testing is required:| Routine 7-10 days| Urgent 24 - 48 hours
Medicare Rebate No Medicare rebate
Pathology Test Last Edit Date 3/07/2017 11:51:11 AM