Coloured urine

Key Information

Appropriate Tests


Nature of substance may be clear from clinical assessment, including diet and drug history.

Urinalysis is positive (for blood) in Haematuria, Haemoglobinuria and Myoglobinuria, although not routinely available, consider serum Creatine kinase.

Food, food dyes, drugs, including

History of ingestion of relevant foods, drugs. Colour change with addition of acid/alkali to urine.

  • Beetroot


  • Riboflavin


  • Rifampicin


  • Phenolphthalein (purgatives)



Urine microscopy (MCS urine).


Exclude haematuria by urine microscopy (MCS urine). Haemoglobin urine, Haemosiderin urine.


Myoglobin urine. Creatine kinase serum. Not routinely available, consider serum creatine kinase.


Red colour may appear only if urine is left standing.

Melanoma (advanced)

Urine may darken only if left standing.


Urine darkens if left standing. Homogenistic acid urine.