Key Information

Appropriate Tests


Blood culture x2.

Microbiological studies, as appropriate, on any identified focus of infection.

MCS urine.

Full blood count, Blood film, White cell count differential, Platelet count; Electrolytes, Creatinine, Urea, Liver function tests, Coagulation profile, Calcium, Phosphate, Albumin. Consider Troponin, Lipase, Beta HCG quantitation in females, Lactate, Blood group and hold, Blood gas arterial.

Antimicrobial treatment should not be delayed if the patient is clinically septicaemic.

In severely ill patients: Blood gas arterial, Lactate, C-Reactive protein.

See Guideline on Pathology testing in the Emergency department: Appendix 2.







Respiratory distress syndrome


Renal failure - acute


Predisposing factors


Intravenous cannula

Culture of cannula tip and wound swab of cannula site.

Urinary tract instrumentation

MCS urine - Urine microscopy and culture.



Intravenous drug abuse



See also Febrile neutropenia.

Immunodeficiency, especially

  • HIV infection
  • Post-splenectomy

See also Infection (increased susceptibility)

See Splenic atrophy/absence