Calcium urine

Keywords: Urine calcium


24 h urine collection with HCl as preservative - consult pathologist.

Fasting morning spot urine (2nd void).


Spectrophotometry or atomic absorption spectrophotometry.

Reference Interval:

2.5-7.5 mmol/24 h

Fasting spot urine:

Males: 0.04-0.45 mol/mol creatinine

Females: 0.10-0.58 mol/mol creatinine


Usually for investigation of renal calculi.

Diagnosis of hypocalciuric Hypercalcaemia - 24 h urine calcium/creatinine clearance ratio < 0.01.


Increased excretion seen with high dietary intake of calcium, increased mobilisation of calcium from bone, and most conditions associated with Hypercalcaemia.

Hypercalciuria is a risk factor for renal calculi.


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