10 mL blood in plain tube (for serum) or lithium heparin tube (for lymphocytes).


HIV-1 RNA is amplified and then measured by immunoassay. The result is derived by comparison with standard curves and expressed as viral equivalents (copies)/mL.

Reference Interval:

Method dependent.


Monitoring the course of HIV infection, including prognosis and response to treatment. CD4 counts are also used to monitor HIV infection; see Lymphocyte immunophenotyping. In neonates, to assess whether HIV antibody is maternally derived or indicates infection.


The test measures viral load and provides a predictor of disease course and prognosis, independent of CD4 counts. High viral load is associated with a poor prognosis if detected early in the course of the disease. Decreased viral load in response to treatment is associated with an improved long term outcome.


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