Hendra virus Ab

Keywords: Hendra antibody, Equine morbillivirus antibody


10 mL blood in a plain tube; acute and convalescent (2-3 weeks after the onset of the illness) specimens.




Confirmation of a diagnosis of Hendra virus infection in patients with an appropriate history of exposure and clinical illness.

Testing is only indicated for patients critically ill with an acute respiratory illness or encephalitis (who have been previously healthy and in whom preliminary testing for more usual pathogens has failed to reveal the cause of the illness - particularly if they have had close contact with horses) and patients with fever and acute respiratory illness following contact with horses which are sick.


A change from negative to positive confirms the diagnosis of infection with Hendra virus (previously known as equine morbillivirus).


O’Sullivan JD et al. Lancet 1997; 349: 93-95.