Liver biopsy


Fine needle aspiration biopsy, needle core, wedge biopsy, laparoscopic biopsy, transjugular biopsy or partial hepatectomy.


Fresh tissue: frozen section, microbiology culture, enzyme or chemical analysis, Molecular genetics. 

Fixed tissue: light microscopy, Immunohistochemistry, Electron microscopy (special fixative). If Glycogen storage diseases is suspected fix in alcohol, fine needle aspirate biopsy, PCR.


Investigation of abnormal liver function tests;


Chronic liver disease;

Hepatic infiltrations; and

Metabolic disorders (eg, haemochromatosis, Wilson's disease, Glycogen storage diseases). 

The evaluation of post-transplant liver. 

The diagnosis and/or staging of primary and metastatic carcinoma and lymphoma.


Identification of aetiology, categorisation and prognosis of acute and chronic liver disease;

identification of infecting organisms, tumour type and stage;

identification of storage diseases; and

enzyme deficiency disorders.


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