Neuronal Ab

Keywords: Neuronal antibody


5 mL blood in plain tube


Indirect immunofluorescence, Immunoblot.

Reference Interval:

Method dependent


Diagnosis of autoimmune encephalitides both para neoplastic and non paraneoplastic.


A positive result can indicate the presence of an autoimmune encephalitis. Antibodies can be directed to cell surface molecules or cytoplasmic targets– the pattern of staining , staining of cells transfected with antigen and immunoblot can define the antigen involved (eg Yo/ PCA1 / Hu/ ANNA1 or NMDA receptor) and help delineate the clinical syndrome.


Hoftberger R et al. Clinical neuropathology practice guide 5-2012: updated guideline for the diagnosis of antineuronal antibodies. Clinical Neuropathology. Sep-Oct 2012. 31(5):337-4.