Strongyloides sp Ab

Keywords: Strongyloides sp antibody, Strongyloides species antibody


5-10 mL blood in plain tube.




Support for a suspected diagnosis of strongyloidiasis (eg, bowel infection or disseminated disease in an immunosuppressed patient) but identification of larvae in faeces or other secretions is required to diagnose active disease.

Screening of patients from endemic area prior to commencement of immunosuppressive therapy.


A positive test is consistent with past or active infection.

Infection with other nematodes can lead to false positive tests.

A negative antibody test does not exclude the possibility of infection in the immunosuppressed patient.

Titres fall slowly after therapy and the test cannot be used as a test of cure.


Siddiqui A.A. et al. Clin Infect Dis. 2001; 33: 1040-1047.