Thyroid Ab

Keywords: Thyroid antibody, Antithyroid antibody


5 mL blood in plain tube.


Immunoassay for thyroid microsomal/ peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies.

Reference Interval:

Consult pathologist.


Diagnosis of Hashimoto thyroiditis;

follow up of post-partum or subacute thyroiditis;

investigation of unexplained ophthalmopathy or myopathy.


Positive thyroid microsomal antibodies or thyroglobulin antibodies occur in virtually all patients with Hashimoto disease.

Thyroid microsomal antibodies have greater sensitivity than thyroglobulin antibodies for Hashimoto thyroiditis. However, positive results can occur in patients with other forms of autoimmune thyroid disease and other tissue specific autoimmune disease.

These antibodies also occur in low titre in up to 20% of the normal elderly population.


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