Voltage gated potassium channel Ab

Keywords: Voltage gated potassium channel antibody, VGKC Ab


5 mL blood in plain tube or 1 mL CSF.


Immunoassay and indirect immunofluorescence using tissue and cells transfected with proteins associated with complex.

Reference Interval:

Method dependent


Diagnosis of VGKC antibody mediated encephalitis.


A positive result at high level is suggestive of VGKC antibody mediated encephalitis, neuromyotonia or VGC antibody mediated epilepsy. Low positive results can occur in a range of other neurological conditions.


Reid J.M. et al. Voltage-gated potassium channel-associated limbic encephalitis in the West of Scotland: case reports and literature review. Scottish Med. Nov 2009. J 54(4):27-31.