White cell count

Keywords: White blood cell count, WCC, WBC, WBC Diff, Differential, Leucocyte count, Leucocyte differential count


5 mL blood in EDTA.

2 mL blood in special paediatric EDTA tube.


Part of Full blood count; all nucleated cells (leucocytes + nucleated red cells if present)  counted.

The count is corrected for nucleated red cells if present.
Reference Interval:

Refer to laboratory reference range.

Neonate: 6.0-22.0 x 10^9/L

1 year: 6.0-18.0 x 10^9/L 
4-7 years: 5.0-15.0 x 10^9/L
8-12 years: 4.5-13.5 x 10^9/L


Possible infection, inflammatory disease, immune disease, bone marrow failure, haematological or other malignancy.

Monitoring drugs with potential or predictable bone marrow toxicity.


Depends on white cell differential. See White cell count differential.


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