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Protocol Feedback

Do you want to provide some feedback on a protocol? Then please complete the feedback form.

  • Protocol Feedback Form
  • Complete all mandatory information. Mandatory fields are indicated by greyed out text stating “Mandatory”
  • Include your comments – to assist you, specific information on each section of the form is included below.
  • The form is submitted by pressing the “Submit by Email” button and emailed to (Note to Apple Mac users - to retain formatting and functionality to enable submission via email you must open the forms in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, not in Preview)

Feedback will be reviewed by the relevant expert committee on a periodic basis. Updates to the protocol based on feedback and other sources may result in a revised or updated version of the protocol which will be posted to this website.

Information about the feedback form

Contact Information            
Complete this section with the relevant details. The following fields are mandatory in case we need to contact you about your comments:
First Name; Last Name; Organisation/Affiliation; Position; Tel; Email
Protocol Details
Please select the protocol you are commenting about from the drop down list. This relates to the title on the front page of the protocol.  A new review form is required for each protocol that you are submitting feedback about.
Comments and Proposed Changes          
All feedback must be referenced clearly so that the expert group can effectively review comments. In each form you can submit up to 5 comments. If you wish to make more than 5 comments, another form must be completed.
The following information needs to be completed for all comments:
  • Page number please state the page number that your comment relates to. Only enter the number, do not enter page e.g. 10, NOT page 10. If your comment relates to the whole document leave this field blank.
  • Section/Chapter – please select from the drop down list. If it is a comment of a general nature there is an option for this in the list.
  • Standard, Guideline or Commentary Number – please state the specific number that your comment relates to. For example if your comment relates to CS2.01, this is what should be stated in this field.
  • Comments – enter your comments here. Be as specific as possible, including any relevant background information and supporting evidence.
  • Proposed change including references where applicable – if your comments are indicating you do not agree with what is written you should submit a modified version, including references where applicable. 
    Note 1: Documents can be attached to the form e.g. a specific piece of evidence or a data table. Just attach in the relevant field. 
    Note 2: if you do not want to complete the form in one go you can save it to your PC. Within the form just select “Save As” with the File menu.
    If you have any questions regarding the above process please contact:    (02) 8356 5854


Previous feedback

Protocols are reviewed prior to publication by CanSAC, APAC and by an extensive number of stakeholders. Feedback from this process is collated in this excel file, which also includes the responses by the chair and authoring expert committee.  Each tab in the file reflects feedback on a specific protocol.

Updates will be made on a periodic basis to this table as feedback is received