Protocol Feedback

To provide feedback on the draft protocols, please email any comments directly to

Please include your name and organisation together with the name of the protocol your comments pertain to. In regard to your comments or suggested changes, please be as specific as possible, including any relevant background information and supporting evidence, including which section/element of the protocol that your comments pertain to. If you have any questions please contact the SPR Project Manager by emailing

Feedback will be reviewed by the relevant expert committee on a periodic basis. Updates to the protocol based on feedback and other sources may result in a revised or updated version of the protocol which will be posted to this website.

Protocols are reviewed prior to publication by CanSAC, APAC and by an extensive number of stakeholders. Feedback from this process is collated in this excel file, which also includes the responses by the chair and authoring expert committee. Each tab in the file reflects feedback on a specific protocol.

Updates will be made on a periodic basis to this table as feedback is received.

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