We gratefully acknowledege the contribution of all those who gave their time in reviewing, editing and illustrating the macroscopic cut-up manual.

Contributor Protocol
Dr Ian Brown Colorectal
A/Prof Hemamali Samaratunga Genitourinary
Prof Priyanthi Kumarasinghe Oesophagus and stomach (including contribution of photographs)
A/Prof Bastiaan de Boer Liver (including contribution of photographs)
Dr Craig James Skin and sentinel lymph nodes for melanoma
Dr Siaw Ming Chai Pancreas
Dr Han-Seung Yoon Stomach and breast tumour photographs
Dr Jenny Ma Wyatt Respiratory and chest
A/Prof Gelareh Farshid Breast
Dr Louise Hughes Production and narration of breast tumour re-excision video
Dr Loui Rassam Demonstration for prostate and hemicolectomy videos
Prof Alfred Lam Endocrine, larynx, pharynx and carotid body tumour
Prof Richard Logan Head and neck small biopsies and teeth, lip resction, oral resection, neck dissection and salivary glands
Prof Michael Aldred Head and neck small biopsies and teeth
Dr Kerry Ireland-Jenkin Gynaecological
Dr Marsali Newman Gynaecological
Dr James Scurry Vulva
Dr Ken Jaaback Vulva diagram
Prof Jane Dahlstrom Placenta, oral and fetus/embryo
Dr Amanda Charlton Placenta, perinatal autopsy (including production of videos)
Dr Susan Arbuckle Fetus/embryo protocol; presentation and narration of placenta and perinatal autopsy videos
Dr Ello Sugo Fetus/embryo
Dr Bonnie Scurry Demonstration for pancreatoduodenectomy, breast tumour wide local excision, skin, benign uterus, ovary, fallopian tube and thyroid videos
A/Prof Fiona Bonar Amputations, bone and soft tissue (including contribution of photographs)
Prof David Ellis Lymph nodes
A/Prof John Miliauskas Lymph nodes
A/Prof Sonja Klebe Eye
Prof Tony Thomas Cardiovascular (including contribution of photographs)
Dr Barbara Koszyca Neuropathology
RCPA Cancer Services Advisory Committee (CanSAC) Fixation
Dr Angela Harris Demonstration for malignant cystoprostatectomy and malignant hysterectomy videos
Dr David Clouston Testis

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