Appropriate Tests


Diagnostic imaging, microscopy and culture, serology (precipitins) and galactomannin, NAA (molecular testing), histopathology.

Pathology tests detect either colonisation or infection with Aspergillus spp.

See also Infection (increased susceptibility)

Fungal ball formation (lung cavities, sinuses)

MCS sputum. If indicated - biopsy with MCS fungal.

Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis

Aspergillus precipitins. Skin prick allergen testing with antigens of Aspergillus spp and/or testing for Allergen specific Immunoglobulin E, Immunoglobulin E total.

Leucocyte differential count including eosinophil count (Full blood count, Blood film).

Otitis externa

Ear swab - MCS fungal.

Corneal infection 

Corneal scrapings - MCS fungal.

Invasive pulmonary infection  

Lung biopsy (open or transbronchial) - microscopy and histology to detect septate hyphae, MCS fungal to confirm the identification of the fungus, NAA, quantitative galactomannin (MCS bronchoalveolar lavage and/or serology).

Disseminated infection

Tissue biopsy - MCS fungal.

Joint of CSF after injection of contaminated material

Cell count, MCS

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