Keywords: Retinitis


Appropriate Tests

Protozoal infection


  • Toxoplasmosis, especially
    • Congenital infection
    • Relapsing infection
    • AIDS patients


Viral infection


  • Cytomegalovirus infection, especially
    • Congenital infection
    • AIDS patients
    • Transplant patients


  • Varicella zoster infection


  • Herpes simplex virus infection


  • Measles (including SSPE)

Measles virus Ab - serum or CSF, as appropriate.

  • Rubella


Fungal infection


  • Candidiasis, especially
  • IV cannulae
  • IV drug addiction


  • Cryptococcal infection

Usually associated with cryptococcal meningitis.

Bacterial infection


  • Tuberculosis (usually miliary)


  • Syphilis (congenital)


Helminth infection


  • Toxocara sp infection

Full blood count (eosinophilia).

Ova cysts parasites faeces for associated parasitic infections.

Toxocara Ab.



  • Sarcoidosis

Chorioretinitis is often seen in association with CNS sarcoid.


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