Congenital infection

Key Information

Appropriate Tests

Placental transmission

Serology as appropriate, on maternal and neonatal serum (including specific IgM in neonate’s serum).

See also Antenatal screening.

  • Cytomegalovirus infection


  • Rubella


  • Toxoplasmosis


  • Varicella


  • Syphilis


  • HIV infection


  • Parvovirus B19 infection


  • Listeriosis

Neonatal blood culture, Cerebrospinal fluid examination, skin lesions as appropriate.

  • Herpes simplex virus infection


Ascending infection

Genital swab (vaginal) from mother - microscopy and culture.

Ear swab and gastric aspirate from neonate - microscopy and culture.

  • Group B streptococci


  • Escherichia coli


Peripartum infection


  • Hepatitis B virus infection


  • Hepatitis C virus infection


  • HIV infection


  • Herpes simplex infection

See Herpes simplex virus infection.

  • Varicella zoster infection

See Varicella zoster infection.

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