Appropriate Tests

Urinary tract infection

Consider STI testing in at risk patients. MCS urine.

Testing may not be necessary for the diagnosis of acute, uncomplicated infection in young women, as a presumptive diagnosis of urinary tract infection can be made if the urine is turbid and a leucocyte esterase test (Urinalysis) is positive; a positive test for nitrite is not required.

MCS urine (microscopy and culture) should always be performed in severe or recurrent infection, or if there is suspicion of an underlying urinary tract abnormality (so called 'complicated infection').

MCS urine (microscopy and culture) should also be performed in all young children and in all males with a urinary tract infection.

Interstitial cystitis

Urine cytology and biopsy of the bladder wall may be indicated to confirm diagnosis and exclude malignancy.

Irradiation cystitis


Haemorrhagic cystitis

For recurrent cystitis, urological consultation should be considered.

Drug-induced, especially

  • Cyclophosphamide




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