Fungal infection

Keywords: Ringworm

Key Information

Appropriate Tests


See also Candidiasis, Aspergillosis.



Tinea versicolor

Testing rarely indicated; MCS fungal (Malassezia furfur) of skin scrapings in doubtful cases.



  • Tinea (including ringworm)

MCS fungal of skin scrapings, hair, nail clippings as appropriate. Skin biopsy only occasionally indicated.

Deep, disseminated

Blood, Cerebrospinal fluid examination, urine, sputum, tissue biopsy or body fluid - MCS fungal.


Cryptococcal Ag (serum and CSF) if indicated. Dimorphic fungal infections are geographically confined, but should be considered after travel history obtained.

Predisposing factors include


  • Neutropenia


  • Neutrophil dysfunction


  • Immunodeficiency


  • Diabetes mellitus

If mucormycosis suspected: urgent lesion biopsy and sterile fluid, MCS fungal, consult pathologist.

  • Malignancy


  • Intravenous drug abuse


  • Broad spectrum antibiotic therapy


  • Indwelling catheter or prosthesis


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