Underlying conditions

Appropriate Tests


Lesion biopsy, with fungal microscopy and culture to identify causative organism. Note to grow mucor species a cube of tissue of at least 1 cm on all sides is required to grow these rarely septate fungi.

In addition to Rhizopus, Mucor, and Absidia, human diseases due to Rhizomucor, Apophysomyces, Saksenaea, Cunninghamella, Cokeromyces, and Syncephalastrum sp. have all been confirmed.

Fusarium spp can cause a similar clinical syndrome.

Early lesion biopsy for definitive diagnosis is essential: the pathologist must be consulted urgently.

See also Infection (increased susceptibility)

Diabetes mellitus

Mucormycosis may occur in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus with ketoacidosis.

Post-renal transplantation


Cytotoxic therapy in especially


  • Acute leukaemia


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