Oral ulcers

Keywords: Stomatitis


Appropriate Tests


Clinical presentation and appearance of the ulcer(s) often suggest the diagnosis.

Pathology tests (including Full blood count ) are usually only indicated for severe, indolent or recurrent ulcers.

Aphthous ulcers


Traumatic ulcers


Infection, especially


  • Herpes simplex infection


  • Varicella zoster infection


  • Herpangina

Enterovirus Ab (coxsackievirus) are not useful.

  • Vincent's stomatitis

See Vincent's infection

  • HIV infection


  • Candidiasis


  • Syphilis



Any solitary ulcer persisting for more than 3 weeks should be biopsied.

  • Carcinoma




Systemic disorders, especially


  • Inflammatory bowel disease


  • Coeliac disease


  • SLE


  • Behçet's syndrome


  • Erythema multiforme


  • Pemphigus

Lesion biopsy with IF. Pemphigus Ab and Pemphigoid Ab.

  • Pemphigoid


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