Keywords: Organophosphate exposure, Organophosphate poisoning

Key Information

Appropriate Tests


Identify and obtain sample of likely poison(s), if possible. Contact local Poisons Information Centre.

Urine or blood examination for poison or metabolite may be indicated; assessment of appropriate organ function/organ biopsy may also be required. Consult pathologist to discuss specific poison(s) involved.

See also Drug overdose and Paracetamol overdose



Benzene, methanol, glycol, paint thinner


Inorganic chemicals


Acids, alkalis, metal salts

See Heavy metal exposure/toxicity, Lead poisoning, Iron toxicity, Hereditary haemochromatosis and Haemosiderosis.

Organic chemicals


Insecticides, especially


  • Cholinesterase inhibitors, especially


  • Organophosphates

Cholinesterase red cell and Cholinesterase (plasma).




Full blood count, Blood film, Heinz body preparation, Methaemoglobin.

Herbicides, especially


  • Paraquat

See Paraquat poisoning

Rodenticides, especially


  • Warfarin

INR, Warfarin (blood) if documentation required.

Industrial chemicals


  • Plastic monomers


  • Cyanide


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