Ulcerative colitis


Appropriate Tests


Diagnosis based on clinical features and findings on colorectal biopsy.

It is important to exclude infective causes of bloody diarrhoea, especially Campylobacter jejuni, Entamoeba histolytica, Shiga toxin-producing E. coli and Shigella sp.

See Diarrhoea and Inflammatory bowel disease


Faecal calprotectin is useful for monitoring disease progression and response to therapy.

Colonic complications


Carcinoma colon

See Colorectal tumour.

Toxic megacolon


Hepatobiliary disease, especially

Albumin, Aspartate aminotransferase, Alanine aminotransferase, Alkaline phosphatase, Gamma glutamyltransferase.

See Hepatitis - Autoimmune

  • Sclerosing cholangitis

See under Cholestasis.

  • Cirrhosis


Systemic complications

C-Reactive protein to monitor disease activity




Electrolytes (Potassium).

Anaemia, especially


  • Iron deficiency


  • Anaemia of chronic disease


  • Haemolytic anaemia, especially

Full blood count, Blood film.

Anaemia is usually multifactorial: further investigation guided by initial findings on blood film.

See Haemolysis

  • Salicylazosulphapyridine

Heinz body preparation.

  • Folate deficiency, especially


  • Salicylazosulphapyridine


Splenic atrophy


Erythema nodosum




Pyoderma gangrenosum


Arthritis - polyarticular


Ankylosing spondylitis


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