Arbovirus Ab

Keywords: Arbovirus antibody


Acute and convalescent samples.

5-10 mL blood in plain tube.


EIA, CFT, HAI, virus neutralisation.

Direct viral detection by NAA is a useful method for detecting clinically relevant arbovirus infections, such as encephalitis.

Antigen detection of NS1 is useful in acute Dengue diagnosis.

Reference Interval:

Method dependent - consult pathologist.


Selection of tests is determined by clinical features and geographical exposure - consult pathologist.

Diagnosis of infections caused by Ross River, Dengue, Sindbis, Barmah Forest, Kunjin, Chikungunyah, Murray Valley encephalitis, West Nile, yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis viruses. See Arboviruses.

Diagnosis of tick-borne encephalitis.


A fourfold rise in antibody titre indicates recent infection.

For many of the arboviruses a detection of IgM indicates relatively recent infection but for Ross River virus infection, in particular, the IgM may remain positive for up to several years.

The relative levels of IgG and IgM must be assessed for appropriate interpretation of results.

Arbovirus infections may stimulate low level antibodies to a number of related viruses; consult pathologist.


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