Intravenous catheter tip culture


After removal of the catheter under aseptic conditions, the distal 5 cm of the catheter should be cut with sterile scissors into a sterile container for transport to the laboratory.


The most widely used method involves rolling the tip across an agar plate in a standardised manner and counting the colonies present after incubation.


Diagnosis of intravascular catheter-related bacteraemia.


Isolation of > 15 cfu (colonies) of the same organism as that isolated from a peripherally collected blood culture differentiates catheter-related bloodstream infection from non-catheter-related bacteraemia.

Catheter-related local infections are very uncommon and bacteraemia almost never occurs if < 15 cfu are present.

The positive predictive value of > 15 cfu varies depending on the criteria for microbiological testing (eg, on routine removal at the cessation of therapy versus on the occurrence of a new fever), the composition of the catheter and the identification of the organism isolated.


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