Rabies virus Ab

Keywords: Rabies virus antibody


10 mL blood or 2 mL CSF in plain tube.




Determination of post-vaccination immune status in individuals wishing to live or work in a high risk endemic setting for rabies or who regularly handle or are injured by fruit bats.

No tests are currently available for the diagnosis of rabies or encephalitis due to Australian bat lyssavirus prior to the onset of clinical disease.

Serum antibody testing is seldom useful in supporting a clinical diagnosis of rabies as the disease often progresses to death in too short a time to allow the development of an antibody response.


An antibody level of > 0.5 is considered to indicate immunity.

Antibodies can be detected in most patients with clinical rabies within two weeks of onset.

Much higher titres are found in patients with clinical rabies than in immunised subjects.

High CSF antibody titres are seen in clinical rabies, but not after vaccination.


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