10 mL blood in EDTA tube, transported immediately to the laboratory on melting ice.

Selective venous sampling from the vena cava and renal veins may be indicated.


Measurement of renin activity as angiotensin I generation from angiotensinogen.

Peripheral venous renin is usually assayed in conjunction with aldosterone The aldosterone/renin ratio is then calculated.

Reference Interval:

Depends on patient preparation, posture and drug therapy (eg, levels increased by diuretics, ACE inhibitors) - consult pathologist.


Investigation of hypertension when primary hyperaldosteronism or unilateral renal disease is suspected.

Assessing adequacy of mineralocorticoid replacement.

Management of congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

See also Aldosterone.


High aldosterone/renin ratio suggests a mineralocorticoid abnormality.

High renin and aldosterone suggests a renal abnormality.

Lateralising studies are done in suspected unilateral renal ischaemia or renal artery stenosis.

In congenital adrenal hyperplasia, excessive levels indicate inadequate mineralocorticoid replacement.


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