Trainee - Anatomical Pathology - 2022 AMR (PAEDIATRIC ANATOMICAL PATHOLOGY)

Job title: Trainee - Anatomical Pathology - 2022 AMR (PAEDIATRIC ANATOMICAL PATHOLOGY)
Type of position: Trainee(s)
Location Country: NSW - Australia
Company name: NSW Anatomical Pathology Training Program
Discipline: Anatomical Pathology
Job reference number: CAM12186
Description: <p>Role Title: Trainee - Paediatric Anatomical Pathology</p> <p>Training Program: NSW Anatomical Pathology Training Program</p> <p>Employment Type: Temporary Full Time (1.0 FTE)</p> <p>Contract Dates: 7 February 2022 up to 5 February 2023</p> <p>Requisition ID: CAM12186</p> <p>This advertisement is for sub-specialty training in PAEDIATRIC ANATOMICAL PATHOLOGY.</p> <p>For NEW Trainees seeking to enter accredited RCPA Anatomical Pathology training, please see CAM11727.</p> <p>For CONTINUING Trainees who had commenced accredited RCPA training in Anatomical Pathology on or before February 2021, please see CAM11729.</p> <p>What you'll be doing</p> <p>The primary purpose of the role is to develop appropriate knowledge and technical skills to fulfil the requirements of the RCPA for training in Anatomical Pathology and to become a competent Anatomical Pathologist; and to fulfil the service requirements of the department, including contributing to the provision of advice to clinicians regarding Anatomical Pathology, notifying and discussing results with clinicians, attending and participating in meetings and conducting research.</p> <p>All laboratories participating in the Anatomical Pathology Training Program are accredited by the RCPA for specialist Anatomical Pathology training. All participating facilities perform a wide range of diagnostic Anatomical Pathology services. A number also perform work for smaller suburban hospitals within their network and for rural hospitals.</p> <p>The following training facilities provide sub-specialty training in Paediatric Anatomical Pathology.</p> <p>• Children's Hospital Westmead</p> <p>• John Hunter Hospital</p> <p>• Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick</p> <p>The following training facilities participate in the State-wide NSW Anatomical Pathology Training Program.</p> <p>• Australian Clinical Labs</p> <p>• Concord Hospital</p> <p>• Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology</p> <p>• Gosford Hospital</p> <p>• ICPMR Westmead</p> <p>• Liverpool Hospital</p> <p>• Nepean Hospital</p> <p>• Neuropathology (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital)</p> <p>• Orange Hospital</p> <p>• Prince of Wales Hospital</p> <p>• Royal North Shore Hospital</p> <p>• Royal Prince Alfred Hospital</p> <p>• St George Hospital</p> <p>• St Vincent's Hospital & Sacred Heart Health Service</p> <p>• Tamworth Hospital</p> <p>• Wagga Wagga Hospital</p> <p>• Wollongong Hospital / Southern IML Pathology</p> <p>All applications MUST be supported by full responses to the Selection Criteria. Applications which do not address or meet the criteria WILL NOT be shortlisted.</p> <p>Late applications WILL NOT be accepted unless there are technical issues preventing you from applying. In these instances, the request MUST be supported by evidence of the issue, steps taken to contact the system administrators and notification to the contact person of this advertisement prior to the advertisement closing.</p>
Contact Name: Marco Chan
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Closing Date: Thursday, 12 August 2021

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