RCPA Foundation Grants and Awards


Available grants and awards for 2020

Applications open annually 1 February.

The closing date for all RCPA Foundation grant and award applications is AEST 5.00pm June 30 each year.

Application Form

Completed Application Forms are to be submitted to foundation@rcpa.edu.au

The following grants and awards are offered by the RCPA Foundation to foster research in the College:

Available Grants and awards FOR 2020 Value up to
Mike and Carole Ralston Travelling Fellowship Award $35,000 AUD
Kanematsu Research Award $25,000 AUD
Postgraduate Research Fellowship (up to 3 grants may be awarded) $25,000 AUD
RCPAQAP Research Grant (up to 3 grants may be awarded) $25,000 AUD
Research Grant-in-Aid (up to 2 grants may be awarded) $10,000 AUD
Pathology Education Outreach Fellowship $10,000 AUD
Bev Rowbotham Pathology Leaders Award $8,000 AUD
Roger Crouch Award for Ophthalmic Pathology Publication $1,000 AUD

*Call for donations for the Pathology Education Outreach Fellowship for 2020 and 2021
Please donate via https://www.rcpa.edu.au/RCPA-Foundation/How-To-Donate


Grant and Award Terms of Reference

Created in March 2013 this award has been made available through the direct generosity of College Fellow Mike Ralston RCPA(Hon), FFSc, and his wife Carole. Available annually and open to all Fellows, Faculty Fellows and Trainees, it will assist in gaining international experience in the frontiers of genomic medicine and thereby enhance the further development of genetic healthcare in Australasia.

The Kanematsu Research Award is made annually by the Kanematsu Fund in memory of its founder Fusajiro Kanematsu and his wife Sen. The award is made for a single medical research project in the area of haematological disorders.

The RCPA Foundation Postgraduate Research Fellowship has been established by the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia in order to foster research and promote academic excellence in the science of pathology. It may be awarded to a Trainee or Fellow enrolled in a course of study and supervised research leading to the award of a degree at doctorate level in any of the disciplines of pathology.

The RCPA Foundation RCPA Quality Assurance Programs Research Grant has been established with the Support from the RCPA QAP to support Fellows and Trainees undertaking a research project involving the development and interpretation of Quality Assurance Programs.

Designed to encourage and support research projects which enhance the professional skills of the applicant. It is available for Trainees of the College or Fellows of the College or its Faculties of less than seven years standing. Expenses may cover staff, equipment and consumables for research projects which help develop new procedures and or provide direct patient benefits.

(Previously called the RCPA Foundation Developing Communities Fellowship)

To assist College Fellows and Trainees in advancing and promoting Pathology education and training and local capacity building in the South Pacific and South-East Asia region. Funding of the Fellowship has been made possible through voluntary donations from Fellows and Trainees.
Please complete the relevant sections of the application form.

*Applicants seeking funding for activities in Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu or PNG are encouraged to apply for the DFAT’s Pacific Islands Program funding (managed by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) via the Pathology Education Outreach Committee (PEOC). Application Form to be emailed to peoc@rcpa.edu.au. Funding is available all year round and not subject to RCPA Foundation application deadline.

To assist Fellows and Trainees in advancing their skills in leadership and management.

An innovative annual grant administered by the RCPA Foundation aimed at Trainees to encourage research and publication in the area of ophthalmic pathology.

Please complete the relevant sections of the application below.


Please email foundation@rcpa.edu.au any citations which have been published as a result of projects funded by the RCPA Foundation Grants and Awards.

The official wording to acknowledge the RCPA Foundation for grant funding is:

'Dr (name) is a recipient of the (award name)(year) from the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia Foundation'

Eg. Dr Jane Smith is a recipient of the Mike and Carole Ralston Travelling Fellowship 2016 from the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia Foundation'


Establishing New Grants and Awards

Grant and Award Winners 2019

The Chair and RCPA Foundation Board would like to congratulate the following recipients:

RCPA Foundation Mike and Carole Ralston Travelling Fellowship Award $35K
  • Dr Jad Othman (Trainee, Haematology)
    Project: Identifying the genomic determinants of response to BCL2 inhibition in NPM1 mutated acute myeloid leukaemia 
RCPA Kanematsu Research Award $25K 
  • Dr Marc Ellis (Fellow, Haematology)
    Project: The role of the mechanically gated ion channel Peizo1 in platelet function and diabetes.  
RCPA Foundation Postgraduate Research Fellowship $25K
  • Dr Jennifer Borowsky (Fellow, Anatomical)
    Project: Morphological and Immunologic Characterisation of Molecularly Distinct Subgroups of Colorectal Carcinomas 
  • Dr Caitlin Keighley (Pending Fellow, Microbiology) 
    Project: Antimicrobial resistance in Candida tropicalis using whole genome sequencing  
  • Dr Jocelyn Jiang (Fellow, Immunopathology)
    Project: Novel surrogate markers of neuroinflammation  
RCPA Foundation RCPA Quality Assurance Programs Research Grant $25K
  • Dr Paul Bonnitcha (Trainee, Chemical Pathology)
    Project: The development of a quality assurance pilot program for proficiency testing in cardiovascular disease 
RCPA Foundation Research Grant-In-Aid $15K
  • Dr Naranie Shanmuganathan (Fellow, Haematology)
    Project: Unmasking the genomic landscape of chronic myeloid leukaemia.
  • A/Prof Scott Byrne (Fellow, Immunopathology)
    Project: Revealing the immunological landscape of diabetic wounds with imaging mass cytometry
RCPA Foundation Bev Rowbotham Pathology Leaders Award $8K
  • Dr Charles George (Fellow, Microbiology)


For RCPA Foundation Grant and Awards enquiries, please contact foundation@rcpa.edu.au or call Rachel Johnson on 02 8356 5852 or Eve Propper on 02 8356 5806

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