Educational resources for pathologists, Trainees, scientists, medical and dental students, and junior doctors. Many resources are only accessible to members of the College who must log-in for access.

Basic Pathological Sciences

The Basic Pathological Sciences section provides information and a range of eLearning resources to prepare candidates for the BPS exam.


The Discipline section provides a range of education resources including cases, lectures, exam advice, past exam papers and a list of recommened journals and websites for specific disciplines of Pathology.


The RCPA eCases Library enables you to search for virtual microscopy cases with case details and diagnoses within the disciplines of Anatomical Pathology, Forensic Pathology and Haematology.

Fellows CPDP

A list of links and learning resources to support  Fellows obtain category B and C hours for CPDP.

Laboratory Management

The Laboratory Management section provides a range of modules that address common management issues relevant to all disciplines.

Macroscopic Cut-Up Manual

A direct link to the Macrocopic Cut-Up Manual.

Professional Qualities

The professional qualities section provides a series of ethics modules which aim to increase awareness of ethics, professionalism and confidentiality as they arise during day-to-day practice of pathology.


A collection of Genetic Pathology cases.


The RCPA QAP cases section provides  a collection of discipline related interactive peer reviewed case studies including virtual slides, expected answer responses, feedback of results and downloadable pdf with case discussion.


Six learning modules on External Quality Assurance (EQA) report interpretation for Anatomical Pathology, Chemical Pathology, Immunology, Haematology and the KIMMS Program.

Research and Scholarship

The Research and Scholarship section provides a range of online resources and tools relating to conducting research and a listing of research courses and workshops.

Students and Junior Doctors

The Students and Junior Doctors section provides access to learning resources for the BPS exam, iNvestigate and Advanced Standing Pathway.

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