Examination Application Forms and Timetables (Including NPAAC) for 2022


Part I, Part II, Faculties, General Pathology (Discipline) Post Fellowship Diploma Examination.

Please read the examinations essential information sheet before completing the application form.

Late applications: The college provides a grace period of two weeks, following the application deadline of Friday 18 February 2022, in which late applications will still be received. Any application which arrives at the College after the closing date of 18 February 2022 and prior to Friday 4 March 2022, will attract an additional fee as per the 2022 schedule of fees.

NPAAC Exams Only: The deadline for submission of NPAAC examination applications is 1 July 2022.

Examination Fee changes from 2022

No examination applications will be accepted after Friday, 4 March 2022 . Please note that relevant penalties for withdrawal from examinations appear on the Schedule of Fees.

The Education section provides resources to support preparation of examinations.


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