Examinations - Venues and Requirements

The Board of Education and Assessment (BEA) has finalised plans so that examinations can continue to be held in a safe manner on the dates advertised in the examination timetables.

All Examinations will be held in local training jurisdictions. No candidate will be required to travel interstate or internationally to attend an examination.

Please see the information regarding the venues and entry to the examination requirements below.

May SBST & Cytology Examination Venues

Where required to comply with the each respective local health department, venues will have a COVID-19 safety plan in place. Links to current COVID-19 safety plans are below.

  1. Cliftons Venues

  2. QT Canberra

  3. RCPA

  4. Iverson (KL)

Will examinations be rescheduled?

The College will continue to closely monitor the situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic and it may be necessary to make further changes to our examination arrangements, including examination venues. Should this eventuate, the College will provide as much notice as is feasible.

The health, safety and wellbeing of all examination attendees is paramount to the RCPA. The College has developed a Conditions of Entry to an RCPA Examination and Non-Disclosure Agreement which all attendees must sign on the day of the examination at the point of entry. Details can be found via the link below and you are strongly encouraged to read prior to the day of the examination.

  1. Conditions of Entry to the Examination

  2. Agreement form

Q: What happens if I am unwell on the day of the examination with COVID-like symptoms?

A: If you are unwell with COVID-like symptoms, you will not be permitted to attend the venue and sit for examination.  Candidates in this situation may defer until 2022 without penalty.

Should you find yourself in this situation, please contact the College Invigilator listed on the venue sheet OR contact the College via exams@rcpa.edu.au. We understand that this will be disappointing but please consider the health, safety and wellbeing of yourself and others.

  1. In interest of equity to all candidates, the College will treat all candidates sitting RCPA Examinations in a standard manner as far as practicable. You will be required to comply with the conditions of entry to an RCPA Examination.

  2. Australian based candidates are strongly encouraged to download the COVID Safe App onto their mobile phone to assist authorities in contract tracing should it be required.

  3. Face masks will be provided by the College and made available at each examination venue. NB Wearing a face mask will be mandated where there is a legal requirement of the State jurisdiction in place. This applies even when you are the sole candidate.

  4. Social distancing requirements will be in place as directed by the respective local health department.

  5. All candidates will be allocated to rooms and have seating pre-allocated. Please refer to the seating plan outside of each exam room for details.

  6. In observing the required levels of hygiene, the College will provide a guide to cleaning your microscope (if applicable) and workstation. Hand sanitiser, lens paper and kim wipes will be provided to all candidates. Please ensure frequent sanitising and hand washing, minimising any unnecessary skin contact with high traffic surfaces (door handles, handrails when using the bathroom etc.).

  7. Once the examination is completed you are expected to leave as directed to minimise congestion. Please refrain from socialising with other candidates before and after the examination at the examination venue.

  8. The College requests that all candidates minimise the number of personal belongings brought to the examination venue and that you turn off your mobile phone before the examination commences.

  9. If you leave the examination room to eat please ensure that you sanitise your hands appropriately.

Please see examination specific frequently asked questions here.

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