Faculty of Post-mortem Imaging

The RCPA Board of Directors at its meeting on 12 October 2020 passed a resolution to establish a Faculty of Post-mortem Imaging, in accordance with Rule 17 of the Constitution.

The Faculty is established for the following objectives and purposes:

  1. to pursue excellence in the delivery of interpretation of Post-mortem Imaging in the practice of pathology and to provide a service to systems of justice as well as to promote and facilitate the civil and human rights of the Australasian community;
  2. to provide professional standards for Australasian medical practitioners and scientists who are involved in obtaining and/or interpreting images from bodies, parts of bodies or other objects, all of which are deemed to be no longer living;
  3. to promote and encourage education, research and training in aspects of Post-mortem Imaging including ongoing professional development opportunities and maintenance of professional skills schemes;
  4. to promote and facilitate greater co-operation between radiologists, pathologists, other medical practitioners, scientists, law enforcement officers, legal representatives, radiographers and other technicians in relation to the delivery of Post-mortem Imaging services; and
  5. to foster a better understanding of Post-mortem Imaging, within the medical profession and related fields.

First Round of Founding Fellowship
The College has completed the first round of Founding Fellowship of the Faculty.

Second Round of Founding Fellowship now OPEN
A second round of applications for Founding Fellowship of the RCPA Faculty of Post-mortem imaging is now open.

How to apply in the Second Round

  1. If you already applied in the first round and received feedback from the RCPA that you are eligible to apply in the second, we strongly encourage you to read the second round criteria (see link below) and submit the additional information as outlined in the outcome letter. Please outline clearly addressing the issues in a cover letter and submit it to saileshr@rcpa.edu.au. The onus will be on you to furnish the additional information requested for consideration by the Faculty Committee.

    You do not need to send your CV or proof of educational qualifications as we already have these from your original application.

  2. If you did not apply in the first round, please see the criteria to determine if you could be eligible for Founding Fellowship in this round. To apply, use the ‘Submit Application’ button below. Please ensure you upload all relevant documentary evidence as incomplete applications will not be processed.

    Applicants are requested to read the Criteria document first before applying.

    Submit Application

Applications are due by COB on 18 November 2022.  As per the Faculty By-Laws, no Founding Fellows can be accepted into the Faculty after 31 December 2022, after which Fellowship can only be attained via Faculty examination.

Please note: the criteria are for guidance to assist applications for the second (final) round for the Founding Fellowship. The notes are not considered to be exhaustive, binding, or absolute. The Faculty committee reserves the right to exercise its judgement in all cases.

Need help?
For any further queries, please contact Sailesh Ram at the College, saileshr@rcpa.edu.au

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